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Albino A+

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Albino A+, is typically cream-colored to white, sometimes with a bluish tint—it bruises blue very obviously when damaged. The strain is not a true albino, despite the name, but is, rather, leucistic, meaning it has reduced pigmentation, not none at all. The spores are usually the typical Psilocybe purple-black. When mature specimens drop their spores, the stem-ring may appear black with them. There is also a more typically-pigmented strain called A+, but it is not as popular.

Albino A+ is sometimes said to be part-Panaeolus, which is likely impossible (species from different genera usually can’t hybridize), but the rumor reflects the fact that the Albino A+ can be somewhat Panaeolus-like in character. There may be some similar biochemistry. It’s a popular strain, very potent, and although it often grows a bit slowly, it produces large flushes.

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